What is All Mountain?

Mountain biking is full of labels, they come and go. Almost nobody talks any more about Freeride but not long ago the press was filled up with freeride bikes.

Today the key word is Enduro, everybody is talking Enduro, every month we see find in the press new enduro bikes with more and more travel and less and less gears.

Then you have XC bikes with fewer and fewer gears as well and very short travel.

Everything in between can be call Allmountain, All Mountain or Trail.

To me, these are the real bikes we should all be riding if you're not racing or if you don't live in a flat singletrackless country.

These are do it all mountain bikes; 120-150mm front and rear suspension, 20 speed (or 11 with a 28-30 ring), 2.20-2.40" tires and a telescopic seatpost.

The size of the wheels is up to you, I rather ride a 29" because it is pretty rocky around here and it makes me feel safer on the steep downhills we often ride.

All Mountain is what we used to call mountain biking, just get out there and ride everything that gets in the way and have fun doing it.
Of course I rather ride tight singletracks, specially going downhill!  

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